Aug. 13th, 2016

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My plunge back into writing with the JD Ficathon entry, "Reunion", was a step toward getting my ass back into writing my Trilogy series.

Sadly, I've lost so much of my ability to properly write exposition and "filler".  My last chapter, Trilogy 13, was 188 pages of detailed storyline.  I may have gone a bit overboard, but I couldn't see where it may have been trimmed.  Still, I was rather proud of it.

Comparing that against my current project, Trilogy 14, and my opinion about my writing losses is valid.  I'm on page 38 (yay, something is done at any rate) and I am damn near *finished*.  I don't see where the plot should be added to.  I've lost my ability to create detailed exposition and filler.  Now, I've gone back through the story, filled in exposition where I think it needed, and I'm pretty sure where I'll need to put it in next, but after that is done, I'll only have 40 pages.  I've perhaps got another five to write, so let's end the story at 45.  45?  Forty-fucking-five?

What in the hell happened?  I just don't understand.  Okay, I understand that if you stop writing for a while, say having writer's block due to stress, it will take a bit of the usual "writer's stress" to get back to form, but come on!  45 pages?

I'm seriously at a loss.


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