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Today, my back was hurting after a session at the dentist on Wednesday. I didn't want to go to the store so I'd told my VA rep to let the lady who'd take me that I wasn't going anywhere. In this pain mode I'm in, I can't do any side to side looking, like one does at the grocery store, b/c it will set off my muscle spasms in my neck and back. But unfortunately, the lady taking me, Lisa, didn't get the message not to drop by to pick me up. She showed up rather late--3pm instead of 12 noon--and she showed up with an entourage of people who wanted to see me and see my apartment. Five people. Five.


They stayed for 15 minutes and then had to leave. A. My back. B. I have a no-company apartment, meaning it's an efficiency apt with no places for people to sit. One person for company and they won't be all that comfortable. There's my bed/couch (it's not a sofa bed) and my computer chair. I also don't have anything to offer people to drink. No big coffee maker, just ice and water and four glasses.

I was invariably asked if I'm lonely, do I have a boyfriend, and am I looking for another place to live so I can have friends over.

No. No. And NO.

And when I said no, two of these women said, "But don't you want to get married?"

F.u.c.k. N.O.

Aside from me being rather a loner anyway, this apartment is the first time in my 50+ years that I've been able to live alone. A-Lone. Just me and my kitty (who stayed under the sofa for the entire time the company was here). I don't want a roommate, I sure as shit don't want a boyfriend. I am enjoying my alone-time. I love having my BFF, and wish she could visit (waves at Chris) or that I could visit (she lives in the UK), but that's about as far as I go on the comfort scale.

What the hell is it with women who are brainwashed into this "must have a boyfriend/husband to feel comfortable and not alone" shit?

When I'm 70, ask me again if I'm lonely, but I think I need another 50 years living by myself before I'll be comfortable sharing my life again. FCOL.
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So I've been suffering writer's funk for a while and thus stalled on this quantum mirror story I was trying to start. The other day, I thought up a new name for the story and created a graphic header for it, hoping this would inspire me to get the lead out of my brain and start writing a new J/D.

And then today, I discovered that I didn't make up a new word, as the title of the story: Alterverse. I discovered that others have used this word as a game title and a book title. Shit.

But I'm keeping my title, goddammit. I just hate that I didn't create the word, ya know?

Here's my header. Will change the font, and the color of the gate program screen, but otherwise, the graphic will stay as it is. Looks pretty cool, if I say so myself.

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It's all I got. If anyone wants to take it from there, to add or explain, feel free. :)

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*sigh* Here I go again. Windows froze, so I rebooted and got the boot manager and it wants my install disks, which I don't have--just got off the phone with Dell and they'll send them out free of charge. I'll get them in about a week, snow depending.

Problem is, compy isn't recognizing my keyboard. I'm hoping this will be fixed after I get the CD and follow the directions. IF this is part of a bigger problem, a hardware problem, then I've got a BIG problem. I don't have the funds to fix a major problem. IF I need them, is there anyway you folks can help me out? I'm asking ahead of time, not knowing if I can/can't fix the problem myself, but I'm in a panic.


PS - typed this with my Kindle and it's bluetooth keyboard (cost $10 and the stupid thing has a sticking key issue. Typical.)
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Well ... I'm depressed, in a sort of mourning period. My computer had some blue screen error issues so (it's a Dell) I proceeded to implement a factory reset. Unfortunately, the damn thing froze during the reset's reinstall. I restarted my machine after being in a freeze holding pattern for 13 hours. It returned to continuing the reset. Unfortunately, it didn't keep my selected folders and files.

AND ... my backup My Book external drive was corrupted by the corrupted computer so ...

Every goddamn thing is gone. All my art. All my files. All my new fiction files. Everything.

PoG -- I'm gonna have to start all over again. :(

JDJ -- I'm gonna have to start all over again. :(

One plus is that I'd uploaded almost everything to my website and AO3. And there're the old backups for old semi-useful stuff I saved, like character backgrounds and my own Trinity story bits. I am a fucking stupid ass for not triple-checking that my files had been saved online. All I have are old backups. OLD. BACKUPS.

I am seriously depressed about this. ****seriously**** It's like I've lost a child (for those who have lost a real one, my apologies and no offense intended). This stuff was/is important to me.

I now get to start over again. Yay?

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Happy Birthday Sweetie! Hope you get some lovely things today!
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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(I'm a little late, sorry)

I'm thinking of the last phrase of Tennyson's poem, Ulysses:

though We are not now
that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven,
that which we are, we are
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate,
but strong in will
To strive,
to seek,
to find,
and not to yield.
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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
why the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.
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I've been looking through photos for other Trinity/Trilogy characters to "paint", especially those secondary characters who aren't always front and center. So I thought of Jason's team, SG-2, and his 2IC, Alex Wagner, is an easy one since he looks like Paul Walker, but with brown eyes. I started to look for the pics that describe the other two team members and after a bit of research through Trinity and Trilogy, I realized that I've never fully described their appearances. At first, they were "background" characters, but I then gave them personalities and spouses so why the hell hadn't I ever given them descriptions?

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Not ever satisfied, that's me. Here's a better visualization of Jared "Will" Scarlet, pirate and former Tok'ra. :) For Trilogy 14, which I'll be writing after NaNoWriMo's done. :)

Jared Scarlet, Trilogy 14

A New OC

Oct. 14th, 2014 11:45 pm
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One of the Pirates for Trilogy 14. I kept seeing “Will Turner” from POTC, but slightly changed. So I took the photo of Will into Photoshop and played with the Paint Assistant until I got the image I was satisfied with.  BTW, his mouth is supposed to be crooked.  Every "flaw" is on purpose. ;)

Jared "Will" Scarlet

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Once I've discovered that I can write fanfic, I decided that I could attempt to massively expand the bunny dancing around my head that would have been maybe 20,000 words or so. So, 30,000 more words. Yeah, sure, if this was Trilogy, there'd be no problem. LOL


Title: Light and Shadow

Summary: While SG-1 is exploring a cavernous underground hall, Jack and Daniel inadvertently get caught by the activation of a quantum "door" and are transferred to an alternate universe. Unable to figure out how to get back, they set out to seek help and discover that the universe they're in is one where magic and werewolves are real.

Used the following image for the novel cover, which was cropped by the website to only include the center--which is fortunately where J/D are. ;)

Jack and Daniel Light and Shadow


Oct. 13th, 2014 05:51 pm
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I've just signed up. Why did I do that? I suck at deadlines, and am currently blocked on the pinch hit for the ficathon.


But I signed up--or sighed up--in case I should get inspired. Frankly, the only damn inspirations I have belong to a werewolf bunny and Trilogy 14. I can't find anywhere on the NaNoWriMo site if my novel can be "fanfic".

Shoot me now.
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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ hugs and loves }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


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