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*sigh* Here I go again. Windows froze, so I rebooted and got the boot manager and it wants my install disks, which I don't have--just got off the phone with Dell and they'll send them out free of charge. I'll get them in about a week, snow depending.

Problem is, compy isn't recognizing my keyboard. I'm hoping this will be fixed after I get the CD and follow the directions. IF this is part of a bigger problem, a hardware problem, then I've got a BIG problem. I don't have the funds to fix a major problem. IF I need them, is there anyway you folks can help me out? I'm asking ahead of time, not knowing if I can/can't fix the problem myself, but I'm in a panic.


PS - typed this with my Kindle and it's bluetooth keyboard (cost $10 and the stupid thing has a sticking key issue. Typical.)
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Well ... I'm depressed, in a sort of mourning period. My computer had some blue screen error issues so (it's a Dell) I proceeded to implement a factory reset. Unfortunately, the damn thing froze during the reset's reinstall. I restarted my machine after being in a freeze holding pattern for 13 hours. It returned to continuing the reset. Unfortunately, it didn't keep my selected folders and files.

AND ... my backup My Book external drive was corrupted by the corrupted computer so ...

Every goddamn thing is gone. All my art. All my files. All my new fiction files. Everything.

PoG -- I'm gonna have to start all over again. :(

JDJ -- I'm gonna have to start all over again. :(

One plus is that I'd uploaded almost everything to my website and AO3. And there're the old backups for old semi-useful stuff I saved, like character backgrounds and my own Trinity story bits. I am a fucking stupid ass for not triple-checking that my files had been saved online. All I have are old backups. OLD. BACKUPS.

I am seriously depressed about this. ****seriously**** It's like I've lost a child (for those who have lost a real one, my apologies and no offense intended). This stuff was/is important to me.

I now get to start over again. Yay?

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Was fooling about at the HP.com site, checking out this $1,100 model that I'd like to have. Turns out the site has a "customize" feature. Ahem. Once I got done customizing, my$1,100 price turned into $6,500.

Well, okay then.

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I put an Ad in Craiglist and this fellow retired Vet had a computer he wasn't using. It's about 3 years old Dell, has Vista on it (ew) and so I ordered an h/d adapter to transfer my stuff to this hard drive.

Well ... after I get hold of a copy of Windows 7. Vista's complaints weren't undue, ya know? Anyway, I'd like to redo the entire set-up. The fella who gave me the compy will be by maybe this weekend or next week with the CDs (like Vista and other Dell shit).

But, I think I'd rather not wait to install 7. If anyone's got a copy to send me by mail, that'd be great, but I'll d/l a copy of it from the same dude who gave out photoshop and XP, Vista, other important software. Has been reliable for me so far. This time I have to make sure I have enough room on my 4gb flash/d

So happy news! The downside will be setting up, reinstalling, moving, naming, etc. Like setting up a whole new office. Oy. But a happy oy. Now if the new OS will stop distracting me with pretty but useless visual stuff and just let me do what the hell I wanna do... Win 7 better not be this bad. /snerk/

In a month, I hope I'll be writing and finishing. Yay!


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