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Got this email. It's subject was fanfiction, so I figured it was a question. The email content had one line:

do you write fanfiction.

No question mark.

I dislike getting email without proper salutation and punctuation. It's one thing from a friend b/c you can ignore that. But a stranger tends to make me suspicious.

I answered anyway, saying yes, I wrote fanfiction, specifically slash.

The guy (it's a guy) said he's been wanting a het story and no one will write what he's looking for.

So I said that it all depends on the people involved.

He said he wants a sex story between Sam Carter and 17-year old Cassie's boyfriend, Dominic.

Erm, I said that he was barely in one episode and the pairing doesn't really give me anything.

He asked if I'd write it anyway.

I said I'm sorry, no.

And he replied with one word:


ROTFLMFAO! I had a feeling this loser would make me laugh. :)
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I was watching "Captain America: The First Avenger" for the umpteenth time last night. Before that, I'd been checking out the glimpses for next year's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". Halfway through the movie, I was hit with a Captain/Winter slash bunny. And after the movie, I actually wrote a few paragraphs of a story.

::blinks:: I've got another fandom, I think. But no worries about me not writing SG-1. Like Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and others, they're "idea" writing fandoms. I will always be an SG-1 fangirl. ;)
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It's taking a while (cause it'll be long, as usual) so here's an excerpt.

Trilogy 11 is about Jack, Daniel, and Jason being stranded on an alien world. Stuck for a bit over three months, they have plenty of privacy and plenty of time to work out a few kinks.

Day 10 )

*lights cigarette*


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