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To those who've unsubbed my journal because of my last post, I sincerely apologize. I won't rant in that way again.
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I don't watch idiotic comedy movies, so I've never seen "I Love You, Man". Which is why I had a completely baffled, and disgusted (manage that one), expression on my face when James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowall appeared in their latest brand name commercial, performing the new "teenage girl" slang.

I had to look up these idiotic "new" "teenage girl" slang abbreviations on Urban Dictionary.com. Totes magotes/my goats, totes absorbs. ???

Good grief, little bitches. It's sickening when you say "O-M-G", and it's completely disgusting that you can't fuckin' spell, but now you have this word abbreviation coming out of your mouthes that sounds like you're vomiting up backwards latin. I thought only fictional satan worshippers did that.

Consider me an asshat.  And I sincerely apologize for offending anyone.


Apr. 23rd, 2012 06:06 pm
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Excuse me for a sec. *clears throat*

Attention Boys Under 35:

Pull Your Damn Pants UP!!!!!!!

/end PSA. You may return to your whatever.
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When I learn bits of another language, I don't fool myself that I can now write and speak that language as if it were my native tongue.  I wouldn't dare write in that language for online publications of any type, including blogs, websites, reviews, and descriptions.

If english isn't your first language, please don't use it for professional purposes.  While I'm a grammar bitch, I ignore things like personal blogs, forums, and websites.  BUT the professional entries?  *Please* stay the hell away from them with your bad grammar.  You suck at it and set a bad example.

That said, I apologize for all the english-speakers who mangle other languages.  We shouldn't do it either.

That is all.


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