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Thanks for replying! And for those who didn't offer an opinion, perhaps I'll take my samples as the average. ;)

My eyes are getting more sensitive as time goes on. And I need new glasses (have exam next month).

I used to love light grey text on dark backgrounds (not black, too stark), and I still do---hence the theme on DW.

I'm not a big fan of black on white. It's just as stark to read as white on black, and I'm very glad to have the brightness adjustment on my Kindle Fire. ;)

I prefer soft readability. I bounce back and forth in what colors I like, whether dark brown text on beige background or dark grey on light grey or grey-beige. Sometimes, I'm in a strange purple mood--Violet-grey on grey-lavender. Sounds horrible, I know. But sometimes my eyes feel better with "coloring" other than black/white or grey/greyer.


I think I've decided that after I've gotten my fanfic design finished, I'll create a bunch of .pdf and .doc files for download. At the moment, this decision is great but I know I'll rethink it after I'm halfway through all my stories. ;)
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1. Which do you prefer when reading fiction from a website?

  • Black font on white background?

  • White on black?

  • Dark Grey on white?

  • blue on white?

  • black on light grey?

  • dark color on light color other than white?

  • Another preferred color combo?

2. When it comes to reading offline, do you use the webpage, or would you like to have a .pdf or .docx download option?


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