Aug. 20th, 2017 01:06 am
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Hi. Those of you who're fans of my SG-1 slashfic might have read the Trinity series. In that series, I introduce a few OCs.

The best (favorite of mine) is Adriann, a vampire. He's from a species, not that undead crap. I've been rewriting him in my head for a while and I'm getting ready to edit his stories.

Now, it's common for us fanfic writers to go back and edit old material, but I wanted to warn those of you who're fans of Trinity XV, when Adriann and his kin are introduced. I'm in the process of editing it and when it's done, I'll reupload the new version at AO3, where I have my fic housed.

I'll apologize ahead of time for those of you who like the Adriann stories as they are. I'm just not satisfied with the way they're written. I'll be deleting some things that are unnecessary, and it'll be tricky since following unedited chapters will have content that is out of sync with the newly edited. When you come across something that's unsynced (as of yet), say so and I'll make a note for my future editing. I'm not someone who hates being criticized (constructively).

As for WHY, well ... I'm currently STILL writing Trilogy 14 and frankly, I need to get back into the universe and mindset b/c it's not going as well as I'd like.
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Sam, done with Photoshop's watercolor assistant, in impressionist form

Sam, done with Photoshop's watercolor assistant, in impressionist form.

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My AU "Off The Grid"

Post-Season 8, my AU version of SG-1 without Jack.  I liked Mitchell, don't get me wrong.  But I objected to TPTB fucktards letting Mitchell keep command of SG-1 after Sam rejoined SG-1.  She had seniority and she'd bloody well earned that job.

Plus I hated that Jack left.  So in my mind, this is season 8+.  Of course, in a better world, Jack would still be leader and Hammond would still be the commander of Stargate Command.  Plus there'd be no Vala, a bonus.  Even better, there'd be no Ori and the Goa'uld (with a cameo by the NID) would still be the big villain.


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