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I've been rewatching the episodes, starting from the beginning. The primary reason is to make screen captures so that I have more pictures of the teammates for wallpaper purposes. Secondary reason is that I've forgotten some things about the episodes and I can't very well write up episode summaries if I've bloody-well forgotten stuff.

Before 2009, I used to know this stuff backwards and forwards. Then I had to move and was basically in limbo for three years until I got my own place. Now here I am and I'm having to look at the SG-1 episode table I made and printed out b/c I'm actually forgetting the names of episodes and their sequence in the seasons.

This is terrible. I mean, some folks don't bother to memorize anything, but I'm an SG-1 fangirl, for cryin' out loud. That said, some episodes from seasons 8, 9, and 10 tend to be easily forgotten. I like to pretend that season 8 ended with Threads, not that stupendously moronic Moebius. If I must accept seasons 9 and 10, then I like to pretend that season 9 started with Ex Deus Machina and season 10 ended with Dominion.

*sighs* But like when I was writing my canon-dependant series, Intervals, I can't ignore canon while writing up episode summaries. No matter how much I wish I could. ;) I could always skim summaries for episodes I hate, but I can't do that. I've committed myself to writing summaries and goddammit, I'll stick with it, come hell or bad episode.
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This post concerns Stargate SG-1, but it can refer to any fandom.

I plan to put episode summaries back up on my website. I'd taken them down two or three designs ago, and so I thought I'd saved them. But, I didn't. And now, I have to decide on the drudgery -- it's how it feels -- on writing out the entire episodes or just one or two paragraph summaries.

Now the drudgery part is due to making the decision to write out *all* of the episodes. And frankly, that will be extremely difficult for some episodes I'd rather forget ever existed.

Which brings me to the second quandry, and that's whether to insert personal opinion in the write-ups, or leave them unbiased. Frankly, I'm kinda leaning toward the former, not the latter. I can write up an unbiased summary and then put in my two cents after. I can completely ignore my slashy bias, but my love for the team is not so easily ignored.

Maybe I've already decided and I'm writing out pros and cons, and I ended up with one con: Full episode descriptions are too lengthy for those looking for a synopsis, not a novelette. Alternate: Synopses are too short for those wishing to read details.

Solution: Write out summaries (including my own opinions at the end), and add a link to transcripts for those who want longer reading. Thanks to [personal profile] slamaina, I have pdfs of the episodes (dialogue continuity transcripts) and can share thanks to extensive storage space on my hosting site. :)

So... now on to the exhaustive task of writing 214 episodes. Oy.


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