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Upon finding Slashfic, why do we first find the stories that tend to characterize Daniel as a teenage girl and Jack as his daddy? The corollary would be why are those characterizations predominant in our slash part of the fandom? Does this happen in Ship, too?

I expect that sort of thing when we're younger since we learn as we go, but for those of us who're older, it's a mystery. I've never been able to figure it out in the 14 years I've been writing slash.

Is this a Harlequin Romance thing perhaps? Do those of us who like those stories transfer that to slash? Or is this just a case of reading everything and whittling down our preferences over time? When I found slash, I read the sappier characterizations, but it didn't take long for me to gravitate to the more realistic representations. But it still begs the question: Why do we, as newbies, find the sappier, less accurate portrayals first?

What did you do when you found slash?
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Title:  Amor Silvarum
Author:  Joy
Summary:  A little trauma is good for honesty.
Word Count:  4001
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  Characters are someone else's but the story is mine.
Written For:  jackdanielforev
Prompt: First Time, Snark
Notes:  Alternate Requirement -- Pre-Ascension Daniel.
Time frame is 5th season, between Beast of Burden and The Tomb. :)

New Ficlet

Nov. 10th, 2013 03:44 am
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It Ain't That Bad
A post-Beneath The Surface short story. Sam-centric. Genfic, but implied slash relationships, Sam/Janet and Jack/Daniel.

I had this need to write a Beneath The Surface episode tag, but every time I started the story, from either Jack's or Daniel's POV, it didn't sit well.  So I decided that perhaps it's time to hear Sam's side of the story. :)

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Spent time downloading images so I can start making wallpapers. I won't be writing slash for a bit, but Good God there is chemistry between Alexander (Dracula) and Jonathan (Harker). Holy shit.
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I periodically read the Gay Voices page on Huffington Post. That said, I still don't pay much attention to who's gay or straight unless I hear about it on a radio show I listen to or I see it on my FB timeline.

On Gay Voices today, they had a slideshow of the celebrities who've come out. When I came to Sean Maher's picture, I'm sitting there going, "Wait, what?"

My reaction to this is strange. Not that he's gay. It makes me feel more at ease about slashing Simon Tam and Mal Reynolds. Why ease/unease? B/C I have this thing about keeping fanfic away from actors. ;) I mean, seriously, they're not the characters and so don't have any business being asked to read fanfic or being told about it. Many Con-going fans of SG-1 or Firefly or Heroes, etc., bring up slash with the actors. Naturally, they can do what they want--and pardon me, but I have to actually go out of my way to say that b/c too many people assume negatives when not given a detailed yet pointless explanatory "explain yourself".

So I see that Sean's gay and okay, great, good for him for coming out (wish it was never necessary and that we can all be who we are at all times). And then I wonder why the hell it makes me feel better for slashing his character on Firefly. Perhaps it's b/c of my feelings about sharing slash with actors, or perhaps it's something else. I don't care for RP Fic, so I know it isn't that.

So I'm left curious. And I now have yet another unwritten Firefly bunny. *eyeroll*
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Pornfic 7
Four scenes. All Smut.
It's not that large an endeavor, but it's my first time after a long while away from it. I'll get another one done. Soonish.



Nothing tastes better after sex than a cigarette.

What? I was all out of cheesecake.

Besides, I'd already had my beefcake. Written. I mean, written my beefcake.


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