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It's August, so it's now a month or two (program depending) before the Fall season. I like to play catch-up on the shows I love, and usually that means a marathon of one show over a few days or just one day (if I stay up that long).

What's weird for me lately (last 7-8 years more or less) is that unless I'm talking about the program with other people, I find I've forgotten what's happened during the last season. I find that WEIRD. I never had that happen with SG-1. EVER. But now it happens with Supernatural and Criminal Minds because I don't have anyone to talk to about them. I don't belong to SPN groups or CM groups.

So today I've started my latest marathon (hush, Chris, no nagging), which is Criminal Minds. Supernatural was last week. Anyway, on episode 6 of last season and I'm thinking, "Okay, I know they got a new section chief, but why the hell don't I remember how JJ knew him? It's playing as if they had an affair and I'm feeling exactly as I did the first time I watched these episodes: I want to smack JJ in the head.

Why the hell don't I remember these episodes? Grrrr. I remember a lot about Criminal Minds and some episodes I'll never forget, but this last season is such a blank that the only thing I remember is that Blake decided to stay with the team. *sigh*

Well, at least I'll be thinking I'm watching new stuff. FCOL.
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Have a mug. :)
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Wallpaper, that is.

Here's what happened when I couldn't decide what font to use. ;)

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Well, here I go. :)

Sam and Dean Winchester

Props to artists Damerel, creamuts, and cloaks for the art backgrounds used. :)


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