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I have a web domain, www.joysgate.com. For the longest time, I'd designed regular html themes, but within the last year, I've decided to use a Wordpress configuration. For my wallpaper site, www.joysgate.com, the site's fully changed over. For my Slash Fiction site, I've kept the old html site up until I've changed everything over to its Fangate "Shades of Slash" subdomain and database. That's a lot of work to do so it's taken a while between RL crap, writing, and health hogwash.

Well. My host, Kendra.com, has been having problems since I started up the Wordpress site--and for all I know, it's been going on for a long time b/c thru my Wordpress configuration, I've been notified every time the site's gone down. Most of the time, the site's gone down for 30 seconds to as much as ten minutes. And this includes both the wallpaper site and the Slash sub-site.

SO. Today, as of 1:35 pm US Eastern time, my wordpress Slash site's been down. Needless to say, I'm PISSED OFF.

Am now waiting to transfer my hosting to GoDaddy, where my domain is registered. When everything's settled, I'll let you guys know when it's all stabilized and transferred. In the meantime, the old Slash site is still up and working. http://www.joysgate.com/fandex/Joy/joydex.html

I'm glad AO3's around so I have my standalones cross-posted there, but I haven't posted any of my long series fics there b/c I'm a) lazy, and b) I didn't want to take up all that room on AO3 b/c I have my own website.

When I post the next Trilogy chapter (13) (by this weekend, I hope), it'll be set up at the old URL, http://www.joysgate.com/fandex/Joy/stargate-sg1/trinity/trinity_index.htm AND my AO3 page. While it's the middle of a series, I'll just have to link to the rest of the series at Joysgate ... or get off my ass later and post the entire series. Which is, er, about 50 chapters of Trinity, et al, and 50+ chapters of Intervals. ::Headdesk:: Shoot me now. ;)

Anyways, I apologize for the Page Not Found shit at my Wordpress "Shades of Slash" site. :( At least the old html stuff is working just fine. :)
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To accommodate the touchscreen that most (?) people seem to use while online, a lot of websites are changing their designs to make access easier. MSNBC/NBC has done this change to a radical degree. I confess I sort of like it.

But it begs the question. Should I make my website more touchscreen-friendly?
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Would like to know what you think. I must say that I'm rather proud of the logo, done in Photoshop. I think the site colors are good, and only a smidgen's worth of sarcasm on "purple prose". *g*

Shades of Slash
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I've decided to use the Wordpress blog design code for my Shades of Slash fanfic side of my joysgate.com site. I'd like to have a bunch of social interaction, allowing readers to use comment forms and to save a page by simply sharing it via email, and then there's the cool indexing and search features. I have a few ideas for designs, and may end up paying for one just to get all the goodies I want.

WHAT THIS MEANS -- In a nutshell: Any links you have to my fanfic will change. :( I'm sorry, but that's gonna have to happen in order for me to get all the good stuff. While I could always keep the www.joysgate.com/fandex/story folder/story, there'll be changes to file extensions, from htm and html to php.

I'll let everyone know when the site goes live and old links will be gone.
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I discovered the main forum plugin for Wordpress so now I have a forum! That's the good news. The bad news is that it's not letting anyone, even me, edit an entry in whatever topic you're in (there's only one atm, and that's the forum rules--which basically say "play nice and have fun".*g*).

But still. I have a forum! :) I've created a couple of them. One for Joysgate in general. Then SG-1, and Slash. Now I just have to created pinned "open" topics. I think. ;) Perhaps I'll just wait and see if anyone uses the bloody thing. Everyone is welcome and you can create your own topics, etc.

Come by and check it out, if you're so inclined. That's kinda iffy. I've never been a successful "starter" for a fangroup. I'm not playing the "Pity, Party of One" card here. It's a statistical fact. *sigh* But that's not stopping me from creating a forum anyway. :)
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Joysgate -- There'd be a picture here but I haven't yet found a way to insert my website links with pictures, like Facebook does.

I'm primarily finished. Am working on image graphics for the background, the slideshow on the homepage, and standard blog and page image headers.

Am waiting to find out if I can have two databases with my current hosting plan (I forgot to ask). I'd like to make my fanfic site searchable, though doing all that backend coding shit gives me a headache. I'm lazy. BUT. If I can't decide on the fanfic design, then I'll end up doing it without a search option. :(

Still. Slowly but surely, I'm getting this done.
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Thanks for replying! And for those who didn't offer an opinion, perhaps I'll take my samples as the average. ;)

My eyes are getting more sensitive as time goes on. And I need new glasses (have exam next month).

I used to love light grey text on dark backgrounds (not black, too stark), and I still do---hence the theme on DW.

I'm not a big fan of black on white. It's just as stark to read as white on black, and I'm very glad to have the brightness adjustment on my Kindle Fire. ;)

I prefer soft readability. I bounce back and forth in what colors I like, whether dark brown text on beige background or dark grey on light grey or grey-beige. Sometimes, I'm in a strange purple mood--Violet-grey on grey-lavender. Sounds horrible, I know. But sometimes my eyes feel better with "coloring" other than black/white or grey/greyer.


I think I've decided that after I've gotten my fanfic design finished, I'll create a bunch of .pdf and .doc files for download. At the moment, this decision is great but I know I'll rethink it after I'm halfway through all my stories. ;)
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For the Joysgate graphics site, not the fanfic.

If you need something, email me. Bought the new theme and starting now, will be reworking all my content to fit.
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Okay. Chris isn't getting to my new website homepage. She keeps getting the old homepage at www.joysgate.com. Could anyone else please clear your cache and click on the link and tell me if you're getting the new homepage?

I'd also like some input on the site. Not everything is filled out and working because some stuff is for test purposes. There're also no "Comment" buttons on the homepage's list of blog entries, but there are on the entry pages.

What I'd like to know is:

1. Is the text is readable?
2. Does the slideshow header work?
3. Do the wallpapers load promptly (on either load page design--under "wallpaper portfolio menu item" or "ART/Wallpapers" menus).
4. Are the button and menu images are loading properly. I'm not getting the button images on some entry pages. :(

And anything else you can tell me. :)


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Not for the journals, for the fanfic portion of my website.

Whaddya think?
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Here's the link to the web design I plan to buy for the fanfic portion of my website.

There is a single column for stories, including code for pics within the page.

Feedback is appreciated, though I should add that this is a design that's for keeps. I'm on a photoshop-CS6 look and this baby is as close to what I want as I've found. This includes the purple scheme, though I'll be changing the pics and eliminating account features bit. I may put links there, I dunno yet.

If this color scheme is too hard for people, let me know. While I'm keeping the scheme, I can import stories to my account on Archive of our Own (AO3), providing I'm getting enough feedback to do that. As you know, AO3 has a basic black-on-white theme, and if I get specific requests, I can do that. However, I've no plans to import all of my stories (god, what a tedious chore that will be) **UNLESS** I get requests to do that.

I know that many people read my stories on various platforms, and iirc, the new design shouldn't be too bad on cellphones. OTOH, why the hell would anyone read stories on a cellphone? You have to have bionic eyes for that. ;)

In my previous post, I said that I was planning to scale down the SG-1 site. But then I got some feedback on the site today, telling me how happy they were for all the info. And as we know, only 10% of readers give feedback. So I guess all the content will have to stay. ;)

Anyway, AO3 importing won't need to wait for my website overhaul, so again, please give me some feedback to let me know about readability, both on my new design and what's displayed on AO3. :)

Thanks. :)
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Hi all. Just a message from the abyss (snerk, name of journal style).

Now that I've been in my own place for 8 months, I think I'm adjusting well. After all, it's the first time I've lived by myself. At age 53. :desk: I'm getting to do my own thing without having to answer to anyone about leaving a plate on the coffee table, sitting around in my underwear, showering whenever the hell I want to, taking a nap whenever I want to...

*contented sigh*

Over the last two/three years, it's been tough for me to write: Writer's block and stress. Now that I'm on my own, I'm having to get used to a whole new life and I'm afraid it's taken a toll on my creative ability. Typing without interruption hasn't changed however. I have a cat who's now 10 months old and when he really wants my attention, he makes sure I can't ignore him (like getting behind the computer and messing with the cables).

OTOH, he's my only distraction. Pleasant, that is. Other distractions are summed up in one word: pain. Whether it's my wrist, my shoulder, my neck, my head, my back. *eyeroll* I take naproxen and most of the time, it does a good job. But when I finally get a chance to see if I can break that goddamn writer's block, I ... just sit there.

I've ordered the speaking software, Dragon Home, and will teach myself the program by starting with journal posts. It'll be hard because I write better than I speak and I'll suddenly have to pay attention to the words that come out of my mouth. ;)

I'm hoping this software will help when I have difficulty typing. :)

As for creating my stories, my mind is never far away from them. I think up stuff all the time. Jason's actually in a few passwords so he is *never* out of my mind. :)

I am also going to devise a new theme for parts of my website. The fanfic part will remain the same for the time being because it's way too big a project to change. The Stargate wallpaper site, however, will be integrated with other fandoms. It'll stay by itself, but I plan to have more fandoms in on the fun. It's early yet, and the theme I'd like to have needs to be paid for (only $20) because I got sick of searching free templates for the theme that I'd like to have. My design interest is in pages that resemble the Adobe CS6 UI. I really love the dark grey. It brings out colors really well, makes them pop. :)


Anyhoodles, that's my update on things. :)

Oh, and by the way, nagging and suggestions are *totally* invited. :)
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I'll be moving within the next two months or so, and I plan to revamp the website. I'll be moving it to a new hosting site so there won't be any differences to anyone who clicks on a link. ;)

I'll be studying databases and pretty sure that I'll use that Copper-whats-it DB. I will also be planting my Wordpress blog there as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. That's going to be some long, busy days---er, when I'm not pulling my hair out about finishing up Trilogy 11 and escaping to make fractals instead b/c for some silly reason, *math*(albeit pretty math) is somehow less of a headache. This does not compute. ;)

Anyhoodles, I'm open to suggestions on expanding the website, so that it's not just a "gate" to Stargate SG-1, but a "gate" for other fandoms as well. While I'm way behind on compiling material for other fandoms (like Supernatural, Firefly, Doctor Who), I'm not quite sure the "direction" those gates should take.

So, I'm gonna ask me peeps. Me fellow asylum patients of the mad, mad universe that is Fandom. :) Got any ideas of what you'd like to see, what I should include, any fandoms you'd like to see (that you know I won't spittake over, that is).

ALL comments are welcome. And yeah, I realize that reading LJ isn't much on the reading list these days. *le sigh* Change is great sometimes, but goddammit.


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