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Birthdate:Feb 21, 1960
Location:Everett, Washington, United States of America
I'm short, very fat (borderline obese, perhaps), middle-aged, have red hair, green eyes, and a very outspoken disposition--pretty much to a fault as anyone who knows (or despises) me will tell you.

I'm Pagan, specifically Wiccan, but I'll coin that as Techno-witch. My pantheon follows a blend of Celtic and Native American spiritualities. I don't stick to any one faith. No one has it right except perhaps the entity that created this wild and wonderful mess. I have one prejudice: male-dominant/patriarchal religions. If they'd stop with the bullshit, I'd meet them halfway, but given that many would still torture a "witch" to death, or mutilate a woman, I don't see that happening any time soon. Pity.

I'm an extra crispy bucket of liberal/progressive. To say I'm left-wing is putting it mildly. I'm "Pro-Life", but not in that adopted anti-abortion meaning, but in its original meaning, which is pro-health care and anti-death penalty.

I'm also a veteran. US Army Combat Medic. Active 1979-1983, reserve 1983-1990. I'm proud of my service and of my fellow vets, but I'm not a robot and neither are any of the others that I knew. I would have stayed in the military if the US had not gone into the Middle East, decidedly allying itself with woman-hating regimes.
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