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Here's the link to the web design I plan to buy for the fanfic portion of my website.

There is a single column for stories, including code for pics within the page.

Feedback is appreciated, though I should add that this is a design that's for keeps. I'm on a photoshop-CS6 look and this baby is as close to what I want as I've found. This includes the purple scheme, though I'll be changing the pics and eliminating account features bit. I may put links there, I dunno yet.

If this color scheme is too hard for people, let me know. While I'm keeping the scheme, I can import stories to my account on Archive of our Own (AO3), providing I'm getting enough feedback to do that. As you know, AO3 has a basic black-on-white theme, and if I get specific requests, I can do that. However, I've no plans to import all of my stories (god, what a tedious chore that will be) **UNLESS** I get requests to do that.

I know that many people read my stories on various platforms, and iirc, the new design shouldn't be too bad on cellphones. OTOH, why the hell would anyone read stories on a cellphone? You have to have bionic eyes for that. ;)

In my previous post, I said that I was planning to scale down the SG-1 site. But then I got some feedback on the site today, telling me how happy they were for all the info. And as we know, only 10% of readers give feedback. So I guess all the content will have to stay. ;)

Anyway, AO3 importing won't need to wait for my website overhaul, so again, please give me some feedback to let me know about readability, both on my new design and what's displayed on AO3. :)

Thanks. :)
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I'll be moving within the next two months or so, and I plan to revamp the website. I'll be moving it to a new hosting site so there won't be any differences to anyone who clicks on a link. ;)

I'll be studying databases and pretty sure that I'll use that Copper-whats-it DB. I will also be planting my Wordpress blog there as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. That's going to be some long, busy days---er, when I'm not pulling my hair out about finishing up Trilogy 11 and escaping to make fractals instead b/c for some silly reason, *math*(albeit pretty math) is somehow less of a headache. This does not compute. ;)

Anyhoodles, I'm open to suggestions on expanding the website, so that it's not just a "gate" to Stargate SG-1, but a "gate" for other fandoms as well. While I'm way behind on compiling material for other fandoms (like Supernatural, Firefly, Doctor Who), I'm not quite sure the "direction" those gates should take.

So, I'm gonna ask me peeps. Me fellow asylum patients of the mad, mad universe that is Fandom. :) Got any ideas of what you'd like to see, what I should include, any fandoms you'd like to see (that you know I won't spittake over, that is).

ALL comments are welcome. And yeah, I realize that reading LJ isn't much on the reading list these days. *le sigh* Change is great sometimes, but goddammit.


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