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Sam, done with Photoshop's watercolor assistant, in impressionist form

Sam, done with Photoshop's watercolor assistant, in impressionist form.

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Well, here's my current progress. Slow-going since I'm not working on it everyday. Pain in the ass trying to find armor coloring. Only decent armor on women is movies or TV and then, naturally, the stupid shots aren't what I need. I'm gonna have to d/l a few films/tv episodes to get the shots I need. FCOL. The price of being picky. :)

If you notice that the hand doesn't look like the rest of the line drawing, you're right. It isn't. I had to redraw it, and I suck at being quick about it so I cheated by tracing. ;)

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Every once in a while, I'll buy some coloring books (for adults, which means sophistication level, not porn *g*). I like coloring. When I get ones that have faces/bodies, I no longer simply color with pencils or pens. I have to scan them into the pc and start up photoshop.

The reason is because I can't color the faces properly. I'm apparently way too anal. ;)

Here's a current example, taken as a screenshot a few minutes ago:

This is the Greek Goddess, Pallas Athena.

As you can see, I change a lot of stuff. I can't simply "color", ya know?

Anyways, in doing something like this, I invariably have to hunt down reference photos for color. In the case of this picture, the references I've hunted down are for the female profile (I have horrible trouble with eye placement and don't go strictly by a coloring image), Greek clothing, Corinthian helmets, bronze coloring, silk coloring, linen coloring, Greek clothing before 450 BC, and lastly, statues of Athena.

So as I said, it's never just coloring with me when it comes to people. In this case, this image of Athena is from a coloring book called Goddesses, which you can find yourself at store.doverpublications.com/0486480283.html.


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