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ETA:  Until my site is done with the transfer, I've created a Wordpress site for my new fic.

Trilogy 13:  http://shadesofslash.wordpress.com/trilogy-13-magick-mayhem/

Here it is. It's a PDF file in my online storage for fiction.
Am currently setting up my new host for my website so I can't post it there yet.
If you'd rather have the .docx file, let me know. :)

Trilogy 13 Magick & Mayhem
  SG-1 and 2 meet the “Furling”, known on Earth a long time ago as the Tuatha de Danann.
82,197 Words/188 Pages

Happy Reading
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Pornfic 7
Four scenes. All Smut.
It's not that large an endeavor, but it's my first time after a long while away from it. I'll get another one done. Soonish.



Nothing tastes better after sex than a cigarette.

What? I was all out of cheesecake.

Besides, I'd already had my beefcake. Written. I mean, written my beefcake.
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Have been posting some of my stories at AO3. SG-1 and Doctor Who standalones. It's been great so far. Have a few Kudos that make me feel like I'm accomplishing something. :)

So I get this feedback this morning from a reader who's a Jack/Sam shipper. She says that she doesn't understand what I see in gay fic, be it J/D or Sam/Janet. And she doesn't agree that Jack would ever, ever cheat on Sam.

That said, she said my story (the sequel to Reality In Reverse: Reality in Spades) was well-written.

I'm very flattered for the positive feedback, but the negative feedback (though I don't mind negative feedback) had me puzzled. She's a shipper, yet she read a slash story b/c Jack/Sam was in it. That I don't get. Perhaps she was hoping for a good shipper portrayal or something.

Well, since I can't stand J/S Ship, it wasn't part of the plan. So I still find it odd, although pretty brave, to read something you know you're not gonna like.

Expanding horizons maybe? I dunno. Still, I left a cordial comment. After all, she read and left feedback. It's always a good thing, no matter the content of the feedback (unless you're a troll, then FO, ya know?)
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Thanks for waiting! :)

Trilogy 11
Summary: The boys are stranded on an alien world.

Part A
Part B
Part C
Part D
Part E

Enjoy. :)
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Would You
31 kb | 11 pages | 4,169 words
Rating and Genre: Mature | AU, 2006-ish
Pairing: J/D, Stargate SG-1
Characters: Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson
Summary: A sappy first-timer love story, for [personal profile] discodiva76, on her birthday. :)
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Have had some time to go through the story, rewriting a few paragraphs so the flow would be smoother. If you haven't had a chance to read it, all the better, but if you read it again, I hope the edit works. :)


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